West Hollywood's hottest bars, eateries and nightclubs

SoCal's most colorful city attracts late-night revelers from every corner of the globe. A town famous for its bold personality and tight-knit community, the selection of bars, dance clubs and fine restaurants has made the area a must see for decades. As long as you come with an open mind and comfortable shoes, West Hollywood is a guaranteed good time.

Unique, diverse and unapologetic, West Hollywood is a city with a life of its own. Don't be thrown off by the spirited locals and one-of-kind shops, bars and restaurants, this town takes partying seriously. Wedged between the luxury of Beverly Hills and the trendiness of Hollywood, WeHo offers a come one, come all atmosphere, with a nightlife portfolio that appeals to L.A.'s mix of live music lovers, groove seeking club hoppers and laidback loungers.

West Hollywood knows how to reel in patrons, with several nightclubs catering to the city's broad clientele. A blast from the past, Revolver, a video bar that made a splash in the 1980s, is back for a second round, complete with nightly variety shows and the sexiest staff serving the best drinks at any gay bar in the area direct competition for neighborhood favorite Micky's. With over the top glitz and old school Hollywood glamour, Greystone Manor Supperclub is the ultimate celebrity playground where you might spot Rihanna or Bruno Mars swaying to one of their tunes on any given night.

For those who would prefer live music over a DJ, the legendary venue The Troubadour continues to showcase both up-and-coming and established singer-songwriters. And winding down in WeHo is surprisingly simple with the help of relaxed bars like The Surly Goat and Barney's Beanery. Whether you're up for non-stop dancing or endless karaoke, however you decide to spend your night is completely up to you. That's the beauty of West Hollywood. - Shontel Horne

Interesting Facts

If you've ever wanted to celebrate October 31st with several hundred thousand partyers, the West Hollywood Costume Carnival on Santa Monica is one of the biggest Halloween celebrations in the world. WeHo wouldn't have it any other way.


West Hollywood clubs run the gamut from swanky lounges that occupy the space (literally and figuratively) between cutting edge Hollywood and fancy Beverly Hills, to all night dance parties that scream fun fun fun! We've got a great mix of clubs for you this week. Just like the WeHo scene itself, whatever you're looking for, you'll find here! Put on your fanciest clothes, rev up that engine, get down to WeHo and start dancing! Don't forget your comfy shoes - you're gonna need 'em!


Elevate Lounge
811 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles

Elevate Lounge in Los Angeles is one of the best clubs I've ever been to. The view from the 21st floor is great, as it reaches over downtown L.A. Well spaced and still cozy, the atmosphere is lively but not too loud. Purple lighting that fills the club helps with Elevate's well earned style. The custom Absolut LA drink served there with lemon is one of the best had. Ever! 5 stars!

By Alucard512

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